Domesticate and Issue an out of state (Foreign) Subpoena in West Palm Beach - Palm Beach County Courthouse Florida

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Domestication of a Foreign Subpoena and Issuance services in West Palm Beach - Palm Beach County Courthouse

A.C.E. Process Servers in West Palm Beach specialize in assisting out of state law firms with domesticating and issuing foreign subpoena's.  We are legal messengers and couriers who take your finalized documents to the courthouse and stand by while the clerk issues your subpoena. The domestication process does NOT require a Florida attorney yet you, as an out of town law firm, must confirm the documents needed to have your subpoena issued by the court. We are prohibited from offering any advice and we do not have and therefore cannot provide any forms. Sorry.

If you have questions concerning the procedural aspects of domestciating your subpoena, Please call the clerk of the court - CIVIL CIRCUIT DIVISION at 561-355-2986. Before doing so, you may want to take a moment and read the following information whic we believe will assist you and save time. 

Below is NOT offers as advice and MUST not be depended upon. You must call the clerk of the court to confirm your needs. The information below was gathered to offer you guidance ONLY. Call the clerk and confirm before hiring us.

Domesticating and Issuing Foreign Subpoenas In Palm Beach County Florida

Pursuant to the Uniform Interstate Deposition and Discovery Act, parties requesting that the clerk issue a subpoena for a foreign case should submit the following to the Palm Beach County Clerk’s Circuit Civil Division:

Notice of Taking Deposition or for Production of Documents:

1. A copy of the foreign subpoena
2. An unissued Florida-styled subpoena that incorporates the terms used in the foreign subpoena and contains the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all counsel of record and any party not represented by counsel in the proceeding.
3. $7 fee made payable to Clerk & Comptroller, Palm Beach County. Letters Rogatory or

NOTE: Commissions from the foreign court are no longer required.

You MUST USE a Florida Styled Subpoena! 

Subpoena for Subpoena Duces Tecum (for production of documents without appearance) Subpoena Duces Tecum (for production of documents with appearance for deposition) Subpoena for Inspection of Premises  


Foreign Subpoenas Information and forms can be found by clicking on this courthouse link: 

The information above offers you information regarding the domestication process that may work for you. But pleae be advised, each Florida county has its own rules and they are constantly changing. Also be advised, there are NO statutes or Court administartion orders for issuing foreigh subpoena's YOU MUST call the clerk (obtain the clerks name) and seek direction. Please provide us with the clerks name when you retain us.

Here is what we will do for you:

1. You provide us with your completed forms and the 7.00 fee for the pPalm Beach County Clerk of the Court. Said forms MUST BE ORIGINAL and a compete set of copies must accompany the originals.

2. We drive to and meet with the Palm Beach County circuit clerk and stand by while your documents are viewed, domesticated and issued.

3. We take your issued subpoena from the clerks office and proceed directly to the the designated address and attempt service of your subpoena in accordance with Florida law.

4. Upon completion of service of process services we will provide you with an appropriate Return of Service (proof of service) and copies of all the documents issued by the clerk.

Its best that you EMAIL US initially. Please do so before calling. But if you must, 
Please contact us at 888-406-6517