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We recognize each service of process service needed to properly effectuate service upon a defendant, witness, adverse party, corporation and or indivdual has its own "personality" Though we would like to think service of process is easy and can be handled as a "cookie cutter" service, we will not and cannot do so.

Granted, a basic subpoena duces tecum or a subpoena directed at a corporation or medical office on its face is easy, we still must be cognizant of applicable laws and act in accordance with all required actions, especially and appropriate proof of service and or an affidavit memoralizing and documented the facts of the service.

But what happens when the defendant or witness is uncooperative? What happens when the address where you directed process is found to be vacant or occupied by someone other than the intended recepient? What about when you are up against a statute running out or a rapidly approaching deadline? 

Here at the A.C.E., Process Services company we are very flexible and ready to customize your service to fit your needs. We have extraordinary skills and capabilities that only come from extensive experiences dealing with time sensitive mattters and the ebery so elusive person whom you must service process upon.

We specialize in the following types of services as they relate to service of process:

Creative tactics when challenged by an elusive person.
Covert Stake out and Surveillance skills when waiting and identifying a person is essential.
Last minute and or immediate service attempts.
Late night and or early morning services
Weekend and Holiday services.
Expert location and finding people services.

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