Help Wanted, Job Opportunity as a Palm Beach County Process Server is available today, COURT LICENSE REQUIRED, Apply now for immediate consideration and work

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Licensed Process Server Employment and Contractor Opportunity in Palm Beach County Florida

Palm Beach County Licensed Process Server Needed.

We are seeking a CPS LICENSED Process Server ONLY.

If you are not licensed by the Palm Beach Court Chief Judge's office with a CPS license, do not bother applying. NO license, no response. Don't waste time. But if and when you do obtain a CPS license, please contact us for consideration.

We have a current opening for a South Palm Beach County Process Server. If you are a Palm Beach County LICENSED CPS PROCESS SERVER and WOULD LIKE AN OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE PROCESS IN SOUTH PALM BEACH COUNTY PLEASE, EMAIL ONLY, To: 

If you are CURRENTLY licensed as a SHERIFF APPOINTED AND OR CERTIFIED PROCESS SERVER anywhere in Florida, we may have immediate assignments for you in other counties! We are seeking licensed process servers who are eager to be part of a team of professionals who set the service and success bar higher than any other process serving agency.

To be considered please send us, by email only, your contact information including your license number(s). All correspondence is in strict confidence. Please provide your full name, applicable license numbers and contact information ONLY. ALL inquiries are in strict confidence and will be handled by our President