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Nationwide Process Serving Services

Nationwide Process Servers.
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We offer licensed services to anyone seeking the assistance of a private Process Server. Our coverage area extends throughout the Nation. We have agents in most locations who are available to offer personalized, professional and dependable process, and delivery services in a moments notice.

All services are handled by licensed and highly skilled and experienced management at our corporate location. All services are dispatched, monitored and subject to strict quality control policies assuring the highest level of success and dependability you would expect from hiring a professional licensed agency.

Nationwide Process Serving Services are Available The Same or Next Day. All services are guaranteed.

Private Process Serving, and Document Management Services

Nationwide Locate and Skip Tracing Witness and Defendant Services

Due Diligence and Search Service Affidavits

 A.C.E., Inc. Nationwide Process Serving Services, for Attorneys, Counsel, and Law Firms 

We are a private process, document delivery and attorney assistance service. Our process servers specialize in skip tracing, due diligence services, locating witnesses, finding defendants, serving respondents, connecting with heirs, and identifying the whereabout's of people anywhere in the United States of America. Delivering and serving service of process of subpoena's, lawsuits, citations, orders, statements, important demands, and notifications is our primary business.

We are a proud family business for more than twenty-five years and have a combined experience base of over 250 years. Our management team consists of three family members and two dedicated employees who monitor and manage every service. We have over 150 processing agents and at least 80 are actively pursuing someone as you are reading this brief write up.


We have the knowledge and experience to provide you with expert advisory, insightful perspectives, and ultimately guaranteed results. Our free consultation services are available by appointment only and are offered to you as a no cost and no obligation gesture to earn your confidence. When you are looking for a fast free quote we urge you to email us. Compare and Save, Hire us and get the best.