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Intellectual Property Investigation Services

Expert Intellectual Property, Internet, Domain name and Website Investigation Services offered Worldwide

Most Intellectual Property, Website and Internet Services are provided by Jonathan Levy, Private Investigator with over twenty two years experience in working with proprietary infringement and patent product issues and investigations.

Mr. Levy is available by appointment for private and confidential investigative consultations everyday or night of the week. Please allow for 12 hours advance notice to confirm your consultation. 

To confirm your private consultation request, pelase email us the date and time of your choice. 

Please Email us at, 

Call or Text in strict confidence to, 561-445-7939

 Mr. Levy does not accept all cases and works for attorneys, investors, inventors or corporate counsel only. He works with and by retainer agreements only.

For your convenience we established a list of most of the intellectual property investigations he can assist you with. 

Knock Off and Bogus Products Investigated

Domain Name Private Investigations
Domain Name Ownership Investigations
Domain Name Research and Development Investigations
Domain Name Registration and Registrant Investigations

I.P. Investigations
Historical and Archive Website Investigations

Website Private Investigations
Website Archive / Historical Data Retrieval
Website Ownership

Intellectual Copyright Infringement Private Investigations
Intellectual Patent Infringement Investigations
Intellectual Property Investigations
Intellectual Trademark Investigations
Intellectual Policy & Ideas Investigations
Intellectual Strategic Planning Investigations
Intellectual Marketing and Micro-Market Strategy Investigations

Inventor Support Private Investigations

Internet Search and Find Investigations
Internet Competitor Investigations
Internet Infringer Investigations
Internet Due Diligence Investigations

Internet Domain Name Consultation Investigations
Internet Website Development Investigations

Go on the Offense Internet Planning and Development Investigations
Getting Defensive Internet Planning and Development Investigations

Intellectual Property Investigations; site, employees, directors; and location investigations
Intellectual Property Investigations; knock-off, ripped-off, and stolen property investigations
Intellectual Property Investigations; bait and switch, product misrepresentations, fraudulent transactions|

Cease and decease Private Investigations
Restraining Order Support Private Investigation Services
Debtor Investigation Services
Judgment Recovery Investigative Services
Background and Positive Identification Private Investigation Services

Reputation and Smear investigations
Counter Intelligence
Adverse intelligence
Dossier verification
Dossier production

Designer and Product Knock-Off Investigations

Brand Name and Product Identify Bashing
Social Media Tracking

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Florida Private Process Servering Services

Florida Locate and Skip Tracing Services

Florida Due Diliegnce Services